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We help you become a Product Growth Leader

We have been in your shoes and have executive experience as Product Growth Leaders. Now we want to help you become a Product Growth Leader through Applied Professional Development

Applied Professional Development

We developed our unique approach to Applied Professional Development based on the best practices in adult learning, with input from our customers and leaders from across the product profession.

The approach starts with a combination of access to valuable content paired with personal engagement to focus on the application of the content to the real-world. 

Through this product professionals and their teams develop individual and organizational product management capabilities, and gain access to new and innovative ideas and support for tough decisions, to help improve organizational results.

Capability Development
New Ideas & Decision Support
Training & Education

We become your partner and deliver value across three key areas:

Training & Education: Access to Product Management Fundamentals either online or live (premium) and a library of short How-To educational videos for just-in-time learning.

Insights: Curated access to innovative ideas and new thinking to help you make better decisions through regularly scheduled Insight webinars with thought leaders, and monthly peer group meetings for current and future product leaders.

Coaching & Advisory: Structured coaching and feedback helping you and your team apply learnings from Product Management Fundamentals in real-time, and a bank of credits to use for more specialized workshops or when and where you have a coaching or advisory need. 

Training & Education

Product Growth Leaders are prepared to define the business goals for their product(s), identify the ideal market segments and personas, maintain a roadmap and development backlog including priorities, and empower other departments with product messaging, sales training and tools, and roadmaps. Product Management Fundamentals is the core foundation of learning content that will prepare your product organization for success.

Learning Community

Office Hours: Weekly office hours sessions with instructors and coaches will give students the ability to dig deeper into the content and gain ideas and advice for how to start applying the learning to the markets and products.

Product Growth Leaders Community: All students  get access to a private learning community to engage with fellow students and share their thoughts and advice on the content and learning.

Product Management Fundamentals includes access to the 9-module Fundamentals of Product Management, additional modules on specialized product management topics, and access to The How-to Collection of short instructional videos for just-in-time help.

Coaching & Advisory

Coaching & Advisory is a key component to Applied Professional Development and it provides hands-on support, guidance, and facilitation to help cement learnings and apply them to your markets, products and organization.


Help your team strengthen the knowledge and further develop their product management capabilities with one-on-one or group coaching sessions.


Make better decisions and introduce innovative ideas and approaches to your organization with the advice of Product Growth Leaders Experts.

Applied Workshops

Strengthen the retention and application of key learnings through facilitated workshops that enable the application of the learning in the real-world.


Product leaders and their teams need to be continually learning and sharpening their skills and knowledge. Through regularly scheduled webinars with thought leaders and ongoing interactions with true peers. Product Growth Leaders provides access to new and innovative ideas and approaches, and support for making tough decisions.

Check out the Product Growth Leaders Community

The Product Growth Leaders Community is a forum to engage with true peers and expert resources to gain insight and advice on how to overcome your product-related challenges.