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Custom Workshops and Programs

Blend product management professional development with hands-on application of the concepts to develop your team's skills and get stuff done.

Our custom workshops and programs are specifically designed to help participants apply concepts and learnings to their markets, products and organization, or help leaders make key decisions around organization, roles, and process.

Pragmatic Transformations


Product professionals who attend Pragmatic Institute classes come away energized but sometimes confused about where to begin. With so many great stories and techniques, it's hard to know which apply to your situation.

Implement Pragmatic's market-driven philosophy with experts who have been there. 

Topics Available

Each topic is available in interactive online lessons or facilitated onsite workshop, supported by peer review and cohort-based coaching.

Analyze the market and competition
Articulate your value proposition
Assess your product performance
Create a product vision canvas
Create the business case
Define OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
Define your competitive landscape
Define your product planning process
Develop product roadmaps
Fundamental concepts and product roles
Identify and define markets and personas
Interview for customer insights
Make build, buy, and partnering decisions
Opportunity scoring your initiatives
Plan release and launch
Prioritize your problem stories
Product strategy and innovation
Retrospectives and next steps
Stakeholder communications
Understand your capabilities with ASPIRE

Is there a topic that you would be interested in workshop or program on that we do not have listed? Let us know and we can explore adding that topic

Additional Services

Do you have specific needs that cannot be addressed through our standard offering? Or, do you want to customize your access to learning content, workshops, and coaching?

Reach out and let us know what you are looking for and we can build a customized engagement that addresses your specific needs.