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Product Team Assessments

Is your product team performing to the level necessary to stay competitive in the market?

  • Is your product management team experiencing chaos in their processes?

  • Is your organization suffering through poor communication and lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities?

  • Are you at an inflection point where you are looking to develop your organizational strategy for the next chapter?

Get a first look into the current state of your processes with a FREE self-assessment.

Develop your organization’s improvement plan

Product Growth Leaders team training

In order to gain maximum value from your team, it is critical to gain clarity in the current state of your product organization’s roles, processes and capabilities.

Our Product Team Assessments were created to help you gain these insights through crucial conversations around your processes and artifacts, roles and responsibilities, and a current state.

Leverage these insights to develop your organization’s improvement plan.


Deep dive assessments include interactive working sessions

Process Audit
Process Audit

Document your current practices for product management—from idea to market. Determine your major documents, handoffs and points of friction. Compare and align multiple views of the process.

Roles and Responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities

Remove chaos with clearly defined roles and responsibilities—specifically in product management, product marketing, development, and marketing.

Identify Skill Gaps
Identify Skill Gaps

Gain insight into the current strengths and challenges of your product management and marketing organizations. Understand the gaps between current capabilities and future organization needs.

Types of Assessments

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