Product Growth Leader Essentials

Charter Member Program

Rocket Launch

As we launch Product Growth Leaders Essentials we are looking for 10 Charter Members to partner with as we get up to speed with onboarding and coaching programs. These Charter Members will help us get operational and ready to scale, and get access to some special benefits (outside of being able to say you were a Charter Member).

Charter Member Program Benefits

In addition to the great value in a Product Growth Leaders Essentials Membership, Charter Members will also gain the following benefits:

  • An initial 15-month membership term. 3 extra months of membership.

  • 10 additional credits to use on coaching or workshops.

  • Participate in curating our content development by identifying and prioritizing our content strategy for the How-to Collection, Specialized Modules, and our Insight Webinars.

  • A seat at the table in our initial Member Advisory Council to help us evolve the value we deliver at Product Growth Leaders.