Coaching & Advisory

Coaching & Advisory is a key component to Applied Professional Development and it provides hands-on support, guidance, and facilitation to help cement learnings and apply them to your markets, products and organization.

Coaching & Advisory Sessions

Coaching and Advisory Sessions are focused on giving you access to coaching to help further develop skills and capabilities and apply learnings, or advice to help you deal with difficult decisions and provide new perspectives.

Subscribe to ongoing sessions, or purchase a bank of sessions to use as needed.

One-on-One Coaching

Do you or members of your team need personalized coaching to help further develop skills and capabilities? One-on-one coaching sessions help individuals grow and strengthen their skills and capabilities.

Group Coaching

Do you have a team that is working on developing common skills and capabilities? Group coaching can help each individual and the team as a whole to grow and strengthen those skills and capabilities.

Advisory Session

Are you, or a member of your team faced with tough organizational or strategy decisions? Individual or group advisory sessions can help with the right questions and advice from experienced Product Growth Leaders.

Applied Workshops

Applied Workshops are programmed and facilitated workshops specifically designed to help participants apply concepts and learnings to their markets, products and organization, or help leaders make key decisions around organization, roles, and process.

Roles & Responsibilities Workshop

The Roles & Responsibilities Workshop was designed to help you determine the best structure for your product organization, roles and responsibilities within the organization, and identify current gaps that need to be addressed.

Product Management Process Workshop

The Product Management Process Workshop was designed to help you, your team, and your stakeholders to define the ideal product management process including stages of the process, decision points, and the required artifacts to provide proper context.

ASPIRE Capabilities Workshop

The ASPIRE Capabilities Workshop was designed to help you and your team develop an understanding of your core capabilities and differentiation you can leverage as you pursue market and product opportunities.

Market Engagement for Discovery Workshop

The Market Engagement Discovery Workshop was designed to help your team develop a consistent process and framework for ongoing market engagement for discovery and validation of opportunities.

Personas & Segmentation Workshop

The Personas & Segmentation Workshop was designed to help you and your team strengthen their capabilities around personas and segmentation, and develop personas and segmentation for their current products.

Product Roadmap Workshop

The Product Roadmap Workshop was designed to your team strengthen their capabilities around development roadmaps, and develop a product roadmap for their current products

Retrospective & Metrics Workshop

The Retrospecitve & Metrics Workshop was designed to help you and your team develop a consistent process and framework for doing retrospectives and to come to agreement on the standard, and non-standard metrics to track.

Growth Strategy Workshop

The Growth Strategy Workshop was designed to help you and your team strengthen your capabilities for thinking strategically about growth, and develop growth strategies for each product based on the current dynamics.

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