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Develop & Grow

Continue to strengthen and add to your team's capabilities.

Comprehensive training programs, like Fundamentals, provide a strong foundation of product management capabilities, but should only be the start of the development journey.
Product Growth Leaders continues the development of your team through hands-on workshops and coaching.

Our Difference | Applied Professional Development

Product Management training programs rely heavily on case studies or at best homework assignments, no real-world application. Consulting companies charge way to much to just do a knowledge transfer and arrange what you told them in a nifty slide deck.
Our Applied Workshops and Coaching combine education with facilitated sessions to help your team tap into their existing knowledge to make hard decisions, build winning strategies, and enable the entire organization to succeed.
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Take Advanced Lessons
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Apply Concepts in a Workshop
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Go Deep with a Coach

Continue Your Team's Development

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Applied Workshops | Your Knowledge Applied
Apply advanced concepts to your markets, products, and organization with facilitated workshops.

Roles & Process

Align roles and responsibilities.


Define and enhance processes.


Define your market.

Develop your strategy.

Build your roadmap


Define Personas.

Write Problem Stories.

Create Positioning.

Coaching | Personalized Development
Looking for more personalized coaching to help develop the product management capabilities of one of your leaders or rising stars?
Personalize coaching sessions are great for turbo-charging their development.
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Product Growth Leaders | Essentials
Looking for a more complete solution? Essentials provides access to the essential content, training, coaching, and support that provide a baseline of resources for you and your team.
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Applied Workshops & Coaching

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Peer Networks