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Product Growth Leaders Essentials

Get access to the essential content, coaching and advice that provide a baseline of resources for every product leader and their team.

Applied Professional Development

Taking Product Management Professional Development to the Next Level

Product Growth Leaders Essentials provides you and your team with access to essential professional development resources and support to improve the outcomes of your professional development investment and your organization. 

Education & Training

On-Demand access to:


A common language and approach to product management for your team and internal stakeholders.

A "how-to" library of short educational videos for just-in-time support when facing common and uncommon tasks.

And, ongoing support helping in the application of the concepts through regular office hours and the Product Growth Leaders Community.


Access to Innovative ideas and new thinking from expert thought leaders from across the product universe.

Two webinars per month on topics identified and prioritized by Essentials members.

On-Demand access to a library of past webinars and their summaries.

Participation in a true peer community of product leaders with monthly facilitated forums and an online community.

Coaching & Advisory

Flexible access to coaching and advisory services with a bank of credits. Use your credits based on your current needs.

Provide access to individual or team coaching sessions. Get advice from Product Growth Leaders and our Experts.

Bundle credits for access to Coaching Workshops focused on applying key concepts and tools, or Advisory Workshops to help you make tough decisions.

Education & Training

Access to a common product management language for your organization, just-in-time help, and ongoing support.

Product Management Fundamentals

Providing access to a common language and approach is the #1 reason product leaders we talk with invest in product management education.

With Essentials, your team and internal stakeholders get on-demand access to the nine-part Product Management Fundamentals course from product management pioneer Steve Johnson, as well as a library of other key product management topics.




Taking a class provides a great foundation, but it does not provide real-time help to product professionals.

The Just-In-Time "How-to" Library provides your team with on-demand access to "How-to" videos on common and uncommon product management tasks.

Essentials members participate in identifying and prioritizing topics for future "How-to" videos.

Ongoing Community Support

Taking a class is just the first step. One of the biggest challenges with on-demand education is the lack of support when someone is struggling with a topic or concept.

Through regularly scheduled Product Growth Leaders office hours, and engagement with Product Growth Leaders and other students in the Product Growth Leaders Community, support is readily available.



Access to innovative ideas and new thinking from expert thought leaders and shared learnings and experiences from true peers.

Monthly Expert Webinars

Monthly webinars from expert thought leaders from across the product universe on topics identified and prioritized by Product Growth Leaders Essentials members.

Strategy, roadmaps, business cases, leadership skills, launch, and more. You and your team will have access to innovative ideas and new thinking from experts on each topic.

All webinars will be recorded and available to all members for on-demand access, along with written summaries.

True Peer Community

As a member of Product Growth Leaders Essentials, you will gain access to monthly meetings with a cohort of your peers.

Get off your island and get access to outside perspectives from your peers. Discuss common issues, share best practices and learnings, help each other overcome challenges, and build out your network of trusted true peers.

You and your team can engage in your own private online community, and with your peers in the Product Growth Leaders Essentials Community.

Coaching & Advisory

Use your credits to access to customized coaching and advice from our Coaches and Experts.


Support the development of your team with coaching sessions.

Provide future leaders with extra coaching to help them develop their skills.

Help a new product manager apply what they learned in training.

Develop core skills in your team with group coaching sessions.


Use facilitated workshops to get help your team apply key concepts or help you make tough decisions.

Whether it is for positioning, roadmapping, personas or something else, arrange a Coaching Workshop for your team.

Need to figure out roles and responsibilities, a new org structure, a portfolio strategy, or something else, arrange an Advisory Workshop.


Make more informed decisions by engaging with experts on the topics you are dealing with.

Get advice on how to structure a launch team, price a new offerings, develop a strategic planning process or more.

Build your expertise in new topic areasa nd make better decisions with Advisory Sessions.


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