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Product Growth Leaders | Essentials

A Comprehensive Solution to Product Management Professional Development

Get access to the essential content, coaching, and advice that provide a baseline of resources for every product leader and their team.
Essentials provides you and your team with access to essential product development resources and support to improve the outcomes of your professional development investment and your organization.

Our Core Difference | A Comprehensive Solution

Most product management professional development efforts are one-dimensional, lecture-based training, coaching, events, or access to common practices from researchers. Each one of these options provides only one approach and often are overly expensive.
Our Essentials program turns product management professional development upside down with access to education, insights, coaching, true peer networks, or whatever makes sense based on your current need.

Learning Library

Provide your team and key stakeholders with access to the Product Growth Leaders Learning Library including access to Fundamentals of Managing Product on-demand

Peer Networks

Provide yourself and your emerging leaders with access to a trusted support system of true peers to gain insight, advice, and support.


Each Essentials membership comes with credits you can use for the Applied Coaching Program, Workshops, advisory calls, and more.

Get the Baseline of Resources for Your Team

Learning Community
Essentials provides your product team and your key non-product stakeholders with access to the Product Growth Leaders Learning Community. 

Fundamentals of Managing Products | On-Demand

The foundational element of the Learning Community is the On-Demand version of Fundamentals of Managing Products. Take (and re-take) the lesson modules at your own pace and share your insights and interact with other product professionals who are doing the same.

Specialized Learning Modules 

The ever-growing Specialized Learning Modules provide a deeper level of insight into specific product management topics. These are 200-level lessons that you can pair with coaching and workshops to help you and your team apply the concepts to your products and business.

The How-to Collection

Taking a class provides a great foundation, but it does not provide real-time help to product professionals. The How-to Collection provides your team with on-demand access to "How-to" videos on common and not-so-common product management tasks.

Use credits for the Applied Coaching Program and give your team the full Fundamentals experience.


Essentials memberships come with seat(s) to be used in Emerging Leaders or Product Leaders Network Groups, including participation in monthly Network Group conversations.
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Hour 1: Monthly Topic
Curated and facilitated conversations on topics chosen by the Network Group.
Hour 2: Share Sessions
Best Practices, Lessons Learned, and New Ideas shared by and with your peers.
Hour 3: JIT Support
Breakout sessions where members share and support each other on current issues.


Essentials memberships come with credits that can be used on coaching programs, workshops, and advisory calls. Use them where and when you need them.

Applied Coaching Program

Looking to get your entire product team and organization using a standard language and process?


Use 10 credits to provide your team with the Applied Coaching Program and the full Fundamentals experience when paired with the Fundamentals of Managing Products course in the Learning Library.



Need some advice from a subject matter expert on a tough decision or situation?

Want advice on starting a Win-Loss Program, Pricing, or something else?

Use credits to schedule Advisory Calls with Product Growth Leaders and our Experts to get insight and feedback to help you make the right decision.



Want to go deep on a key concept or approach?


Need to figure out roles and responsibilities, a new org structure, a portfolio strategy, or something else?


Use 5 credits for a half-day, or 10 credits for a full-day and schedule workshops for your team.

See our Workshops here.