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Introducing the future of Product Management Professional Development

Provide your team with a baseline of resources that enable them to deliver success and become leaders.

Current investments in Product Management Professional Development are not delivering results:


of organizations do not clearly define and understand product management.


of product professionals indicated that process was the biggest challenge for product management in their organization.


of all new product development efforts fail to meet their revenue targets


of employees do not apply new skills from professional development.

It is time for a better way!

It is time to:

Shift from lectures to applying concepts

Get just in time access to help in the moment of need

Access coaching and workshops in a flexible manner

Gain insights from thought leaders and true peers

It is time for Applied Professional Development.


Introducing Product Growth Leader Essentials

Access to the comprehensive new product management training from industry pioneer Steve Johnson with the Applied Coaching Program to help your team apply the concepts in real-time to your products, markets, and organization.

A bank of credits for you to use for coaching or advisory sessions.


Bundle credits for half-day, full-day, or multi-day applied workshops 

Insight from industry thought leaders and true peers with access to a library of Insight webinars and discussions from thought leaders from across the product world, and participation in true peer networks of product leaders.

Fundamentals of Managing Products with the Applied Coaching Program

Introducing Fundamentals of Managing Products, a strong foundation for the business of product management to help you focus your efforts, and build the right products. Every member gets12-month access to the course and can participate in the Applied Coaching Program.

The Applied Coaching Program

Beginning of the week

Take the module and get the assignment


Middle of the week

Work on the assignment in a coaching session.


End of the week

Review the assignment with your coach and cohort


Also included:

  • Additional modules taking the learning deeper on core topics

  • The 'How-to Collection' of just-in-time learning on common and uncommon product tasks

  • Seats for non-product stakeholders to help them better understand product management

  • Weekly Office Hours for anyone who has questions or needs help

Interested in live teaching of each module, or an accelerated three-day program (virtual or in-person when possible? Use credits to upgrade to these options.


Flexible Access to Coaching, Advice, and Applied Workshops with Credits


Every Product Growth Leaders Essentials membership comes with access to the Applied Coaching Program, and a bank of credits that get you access to coaching and advisory sessions or discounted applied workshops. Use them when you need them and where you need them.

Applied Workshops:

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Product Management Process

  • ASPIRE Capabilities

  • Market Engagement for Discovery


  • Personas and Segmentation

  • Product Roadmapping

  • Product and Growth Strategy

  • Retrospectives and Metrics

*Have a need for a workshop not listed? Let us know and we can explore options.

Has your team already gone through the Applied Coaching Program, or do you not feel it is needed at this time?

Trade access to the Program for more credits to use wherever you want.


Insights from Thought Leaders and True Peers

Virtual Team Meeting

Product Growth Leaders Essentials provides you and your team access to innovative ideas and new thinking from expert thought leaders and shared learnings and experiences from true peers. Get off your island, learn, and grow with other product leaders and your team.

Essential True Peer Communities

Everybody gets access to the online community to engage with peers and our team.

Participate in the Topic of the Week conversation. Contribute your thoughts and lear from other product professionals.

Online Community

A monthly facilitated true-peer group for first-time product leaders. Participate in conversations on relevant topics. Share what you are working on, and your successes. Get access to advice and support from true peers.

New Product Leaders



A monthly facilitated true-peer group for product leaders organized by size of team and remit. Participate in vital conversations. Overcome shared challenges. Access advice and support from true peers.

Product Growth Leaders Insights Library

On an ongoing basis, we will be curating webinars with experts and thought leaders in product management to give you and your team access to new and innovative ideas, concepts, and approaches.

Product Growth Leaders Essentials members will gain access to the library of all of these webinars including full transcripts and summaries of each.


Priced at $25,000 for a team of 10

More Detailed Price List available here.

Reserve a space in our special limited Charter Member Program.

Be one of only 10 product teams to get access when Product Management Essentials at launch (targeted for early Q1-2021), along with access to other special benefits. Learn more about the Charter Program here.