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Expertise is a special thing. Too often consultants, advisors, and analysts are generalists. They can help you with the basics of a topic, but they can not get deep or provide real insights. 
We realize that in ourselves. While we each may have an area of expertise, there are plenty of topics where we too are generalists.
Our Expert Network is our solution to that. There are times where you and your team need an expert, not a generalist, for advice, insight, or something more. Attend an Insights Webinar, use credits for an advisory call, or engage them to help you in their area of expertise.

Meet our Experts

Lynne Levy

Product Leadership

Lynn is a product management mentor and coach who helps product managers love what they do and become inspired leaders. She works at the intersection of Product Management, Career Coaching, and Leadership Development to help accelerate product careers, and has worked with clients from Salesforce, LinkedIn, Facebook, Accenture, IBM, Kronos and many more.

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Zach Messler

Product Marketing

Zach spent 20 years practicing and leading product marketing for B2B tech companies, teaching non-technical sales pros to explain complex software to executive buyers. Today, he works with high-growth B2B technology companies to transform messaging, reposition products, and teach and empower individuals and teams.


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Charles Topping.jpeg

Charles Topping

Win-Loss Analysis

As founder of The Win-Loss Agency, Charles Topping has built a reputation as a truth-teller in business, working closely with product professionals to defeat inside-out culture. Charles also spends his time designing and facilitating workshops Market-Driven Business. Charles has led development of dozens of workshops.

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Scott Miller, CPA, CMA

Software Pricing

Scott is a senior advisor, active speaker in North America and Europe, workshop facilitator, and a leading global expert in B2B pricing with a specialization in B2B & B2G software pricing (both large enterprise and start-ups). He works as consultant, trainer, and coach on the topics of product & marketing strategy, as well as pricing and offer design.

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David Daniels.jpeg

David Daniels

Product Launch

Dave Daniels is the creator of the BrainKraft Product Launch System™ and is the founder of BrainKraft. Dave’s career in the technology industry spans from developer, to product manager, to marketing, to executive leadership, and entrepreneur. Launching products has seemed to follow him no matter the company or the role he’s in.

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Carol Romashko.jpeg

Carol Romashko

Buyers Journey

Carol is passionate about the buyer journey, revenue marketing and upstream marketing strategy. With demonstrated achievements in B2B and B2C marketing, she is experienced in go-to-market planning, product marketing, brand management, channel/partner marketing, perpetual demand generation, sales enablement and marketing analytics.

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