When you have a major product, strategy, or organizational issue that you are urgent to address, but also want address it long-term, Intensive engagements combine advice, capability development, and roll-up the sleeves hand-on execution.

Product Strategy Intensive

Is your product strategy and roadmap lacking direction and cohesiveness?

Our Product Strategy Intensive is a 45 to 90-day intensive engagement focused on helping the product organization develop a cohesive product strategy and roadmap.

Whether you have a backlog of JIRA tickets with no rationale or are starting from scratch, we will help you develop a comprehensive product strategy and roadmap.

Market Engagement Intensive

Has your company lost touch with the market? Is your growth not meeting expectations?

Our Market Engagement Intensive is a 30 to 60-day intensive engagement focused on helping your organization engage with the market to develop strong knowledge and understanding of their current wants and needs, and the current market dynamics.

We help you improve your product roadmap, messaging, marketing, and sales enablement with this knowledge.

Growth Strategy Intensive

Are you looking to develop a long-term growth strategy and need help doing the work and pulling it together?

Our Growth Strategy Intensive is a 30 to 90-day intensive engagement focused on helping you develop a comprehensive growth strategy that positions your organization for sustainable, profitable growth.

Each growth strategy can include both organic and inorganic options for growth.

Whether you are looking to position your company to sell, complete your long-term strategic planning, or need a strategy refresh, we deliver what you need.

Organizational Intensive

Has your company outgrown your product organization? Is industry disruption changing the game, and your product organization needs to evolve? Have unintegrated acquisitions led to a myriad of different processes and artifacts?

Our Organizational Transformation Intensive is built to help product leaders assess their current situation, envision the ideal future state, and develop and help execute the roadmap for the transformation.

Whether you want to transform incrementally or all at once, our assessments, capability development, and advisory capabilities, all come together to help you achieve your goals.

Custom Projects

Do you have other product management, strategy, or organizational needs?

Share them with us. We can develop a custom intensive to address your specific needs.