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Flip the Classroom for Product Management Training

Lecture-based training fails to deliver to develop the skills and capabilities of employees. Only 12% of employees apply what they learn in training to their job. 
Product Growth Leaders flips the traditional model on its head to focus on learning transfer and application of concepts.

Our Difference | Applied Professional Development

Up-skill your team with Product Growth Leaders Fundamentals, a 10 week applied professional development program that combines training from product management industry pioneer Steve Johnson with applied coaching sessions that help you apply the lessons to your products, markets, and organization.
Take the module.
Do the Assignment
Participate in the Coaching Session

Shift from lecture to application.

Our Training | Fundamentals of Managing Products
The Fundamentals of Managing Products is available On-Demand or Live, and provides a strong foundation for the business of product management, helps you focus your efforts, and build the right products.
Remove the chaos from your product management process.
Product Growth Leaders | Learning Community
Every Fundamentals purchase comes with a 12 month membership in the Learning Community which includes:

Fundamentals of Managing Products | On-Demand

Specialized Learning Modules 

The How-to Collection

Product Growth Leaders | Essentials
Looking for a more complete solution? Essentials provides access to the essential content, training, coaching, and support that provide a baseline of resources for you and your team.


Applied Workshops & Coaching

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