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Offering | Applied Professional Development for Product Management

All of our offerings are built around interactive sessions and the application of concepts to ensure learning transfer.

Whether you are in a starter program, training program, or workshop, our objective is to improve the outcomes of your professional development investment.

Starter Programs | Our recommended places to start.

Gaining support across leadership, and doing a full assessment of the current situation, are critical to the success of all professional development

Executive Briefing

Help your leadership team understand the strategic and business role of product management. Gain support for the strategic investment in developing your product management team and processes.

Team Assessment

Gain insight into the current strengths and weaknesses of your product team and identify where your gaps are. Determine where to focus your training and professional development efforts.

Roles & Responsibilities

Do the tough work to clearly define the roles and responsibilities for your product team and your partners. Remove chaos and uncertainty with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Training Programs | Our core training programs.


Principles of Product Lifecycle Management

Principles of Product Lifecycle Management.png

Guide your team to master the business and strategy components of managing your product at each stage of its lifecycle.


Fundamentals of Managing Products

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Ensure a strong foundation for the technical aspects of product management from idea to requirements to working with technical teams.

Workshops | Develop your team's capabilities.


Core training programs, like Principles and Fundamentals, provide a strong foundation of product management capabilities, but should only be the start of the development journey.

Product Growth Leaders continues the development of your team with hands-on workshops and coaching.

With our broad set of topics, you can create a workshop tailored specifically to your team's needs.

Peer Networks | Find and engage with your tribe.

Professional Development is more than just training and coaching.​ Building a trusted support system of peers is a critical aspect of professional development.

Through Product Growth Leaders Peer Networks, we position your leaders and rising stars for success and future leadership roles with access to new ideas, shared learnings, and development of a peer support system.

We host peer networks for client companies as well as topic areas including Product Ops, Product Coaches & Consultants, and Product Leaders in Transition.