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Leverage the true value of product management

Improve the outcomes of your product team

Many product teams today work without an understanding of product strategy. And they suffer clumsy, confusing, and convoluted processes that rely on team heroics to succeed.

And the results are underwhelming.

Turn good ideas into successful products systematically.
No confusion. No chaos.

Included in all offerings
Product Professional certification from the Quartz Open Framework initiative.

Quartz Open Framework

Path to Success | Tailored to your Needs

Guide your product team from chaos to success with assessments, training programs, and workshops. And get your executives on-board with leadership offerings. 
Executive Briefing
Executive Briefing


Executive Overview

Ensure buy-in and on-going support from your leadership with an executive overview featuring a look at what makes products succeed or fail as well as the various key roles in product management and product marketing.

Executive Interviews

We start with executive interviews to understand the current state of product management. We develop an assessment and path to success for your team.

Executive Briefing

Brief your leadership team with the results of team assessments and executive interviews and share your plan for up-skilling your team. Together we help your leadership team understand the strategic impact product management can bring to your organization.


Executives, Head of Product, Product Directors, Product Ops

Product Team Programs
Product Team Programs


Ensure a strong foundation for the business, technical, and marketing aspects of product management from idea to requirements to market including working with leadership, technical, and go-to-market teams. Build the right product and build the product right.

All training programs feature L-E-A-P Learning: begin with a Lesson, Extend with a new tool or technique, Apply to your product and organization, followed by a coach-led Peer review to ensure alignment with your team.


Product Managers, Product Owners, Product Directors, Product Ops

Pre- and Post-Training Assessment
Pre- and Post-Training Assessment


Before the training

Use the pre-training assessment to set a benchmark of your team's existing skills and processes.

Immediately After Training

Measure how much your team has learned immediately following training with the Quartz Open Framework Certification Exam ( included with all training programs).

6-Months After Training

To measure long-term retention, you and your product team can use the post-training assessment to compare to the pre-training assessment to show areas of improvement and identify additional areas requiring skills training or deep-dive workshops.


Product Managers, Product Owners

Deep-dive Workshops
Deep-dive Workshops


You and your coach can tailor hands-on workshops and coaching sessions, following the same L-E-A-P methodology used in our training courses.


Product Directors, Product Managers, Product Owners

Skills and Process Assessment
Skills and Process Assessment


Identify Skill Gaps

Gain insight into the current strengths and weaknesses of your product team and identify where your gaps are. Determine where to focus your training and professional development efforts.

Define Roles & Responsibilities

Do the tough work to clearly define the roles and responsibilities for your product team and your partners. Remove chaos and uncertainty with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.


Product Directors, Head of Product, Product Ops, Product Managers, Product Owners

Exclusive Peer Network
Exclusive Peer Network


In addition to access to Product Growth Leader's public community, as a customer of PGL you will have access to a private peer network for your company. Your peer network is designed specifically for your product team with exclusive content including recordings of your courses, tools, templates, and more.


Product Directors, Head of Product, Product Ops, Product Owners, Product Managers



All of our offerings are built around interactive sessions following the L-E-A-P approach:: Lesson, Extend, Apply, Peer Review
For each lesson, we will review what the team already knows on the topic, extend their understanding with a new technique or concept, and apply the concept to their products and markets. After each lesson, we will lead a peer review of the work products and guide a retrospective on how to implement them with your development and management teams.

Implement a practical approach to managing products that is modern and repeatable — and generates success for your organization.
Fundamentals of Managing Products

Master the mechanics of planning product features and releases

Ensure a strong foundation for the technical aspects of product management from idea to requirements to working with technical teams.

  • Discover market problems

  • Define your product vision

  • Define markets, segments, personas

  • Roadmap your plan

  • Write problem stories

  • Plan release and launch

Fundamentals of Managing Products
Principles of Product Strategy

Become the business managers of your products, with emphasis on strategic planning and product financials

Manage the business of the product through its lifecycle 

  • Analyze the market and competition

  • Assess your product performance

  • Evaluate product strategy options

  • Validate in the market 

  • Create the business case

  • Communicate the portfolio strategy

Principles of Product Strategy
Product Growth Accelerator

Accelerate product growth with a solid go-to-market strategy fueled by an understanding of buyers

Product Growth Accelerator re-orients product marketing around buyers and how they buy, anticipating the needs of their customer-facing teams, and ensuring that marketing and sales teams are equipped to guide the buyer to successful adoption of the solution.


  • Redefine product marketing as a strategic role

  • Understand the connections between product marketing and other departments

  • Identify and resolve friction in the buying process

  • Focus on buyers and their journeys

  • Instrument the buyer journey to empower salespeople

  • Emphasize strategies that guide rather than campaign tactics to copy

Product Growth Accelerator

Workshops | Deepen your team's capabilities.

Core training programs, like Principles and Fundamentals, provide a strong foundation of product management capabilities, but should only be the start of the development journey.

Product Growth Leaders continues the development of your team with hands-on workshops and coaching.

With our broad set of topics, you can create a workshop tailored specifically to your team's needs.

Assessments | Improve what you measure.

How would you describe your process from idea to product to market? 
When asked, most product professionals admit their organization is inconsistent from person to person and team to team. The work they perform varies wildly. Each team member uses their own methods and templates and tools. They lack a common language and common processes. And the few processes they have in place are rarely followed. 
In fact,
47% report that process is the biggest challenge for product management in their company.
Does that sound like your team? 
Contact us to take a free Team Assessment to understand how you compare to companies with consistent processes, clear definition of roles, and direct access to markets and customers. Alignment and standards are keys to success.