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Roadmapping Intensive

Ensure that the entire organization is aligned in the right direction.

Who should be making product decisions?

Daily product decisions are often being made by the CEO or the CPO. But shouldn't they be working ON the business instead of IN the business? Yes, decisions are being made, but maybe not at the right level or by the right people.

Sound familiar?

Our first product was a big hit in the market. As a startup, we had a tight team, and we were firing on all cylinders. Our second product didn’t get the same traction, and we don’t know how to improve the situation. We can’t continue running the business this way.

The people we have executing day-to-day decisions are disconnected from the market.

We're struggling to make decisions about the product.

Every department complains they don’t have the market and product information they need to do their jobs.

Our customers don’t think we’re listening to their problems and needs.

Our last product release did not achieve our expected goals.

We don’t seem to have any visibility to what will be delivered and when.

Ensure that the entire organization is aligned in the right direction.
Roadmapping Intensive

As your company experiences growth, managing products becomes increasingly complex—with feedback from customers, sales teams, developers, and investors. Introducing effective product management can be a transformative step towards streamlined processes and enhanced product success.

We will guide you to the scope of product management and show you how to move products from idea to market efficiently. Scale your organization with the essential foundations of product management.

For CEO, CPO, CTO, head of Product, head of IT


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Roadmapping Intensive


What You Get

Introducing Product Management
Introducing Product Management

Ensure buy-in and on-going support from your leadership with an executive overview featuring a look at what makes products succeed or fail as well as the various key roles in product management and product marketing.

Gap Analysis
Gap Analysis

Guide your process improvement with an understanding of the gaps between current capabilities and future organizational needs.

Executive Interviews
Executive Interviews

Executive interviews provide an understanding of the current expectations of product teams and perceptions of the processes and team skills. We develop a path to success for your team.

Executive Briefing
Executive Briefing

Share the results of the engagement. Brief your leadership team with the results of the engagement and share your plan for next steps. Together we help your leadership team understand the impact product management can bring to your organization.


Free Resources

How to Achieve Product Success

Learn how to create a modern, scalable product business.

Product Team Health Check

Take the Product Team Health Check to profile the current state of your product team.

Spend 5-10 minutes answering 20 questions to help identify areas of strength or chaos in your product team.

We promise a salesperson will not pounce on you when you take the assessment. Your responses are confidential and we will email your results.

What's next?

Take the free Product Health Check which will give you suggestions for the next steps.

Want to learn more about how we can help you introduce product management in your organization? Set up a video call with one of our coaches to see how our guidance can help you.

Not ready to chat?

You might want to watch our free on-demand program, Three Secrets to Product Success. A hint: the secrets are not better technology, better branding, or better relationships.

Executive Overview: The Three Secrets
Executive Overview: The Three Secrets

As an executive or product professional, you should know these three secrets to achieve product success.

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