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Peer Networks

A trusted support system of true peers, Peer Networks provides product leaders a forum to gain insight, advice, and support from other leaders.

Product Growth Leaders hosts and facilitates networks where we see the opportunity to help true peers to come together to help each other, and further product management

Each Network Group has a private community to continue the conversation between meetings, and access to the Product Growth Leaders Learning Community.

Focused True Peer Engagement


From Product Camps, to Product Tanks, to events like Mind the Product and Industry there are myriad places to meet and network with product professionals. The thing is, they do not provide focused true peer engagement.

Whether it is to come together to define a new function in product management, or to bring true peers together to discuss common struggles, Product Growth Leaders Peer Networks creates peer groups to bring true peers together.

Our Peer Networks

Product Operations

Product Operations leaders from various industries have come together to both help define what product operations is (and should be), and to create a community to share learning and support each other. Monthly conversations focus on collaborating on thought leadership and mutual support.

Leaders in Transition

Product Leaders in Transition is our oldest peer network, and provides a home for product leaders who find themselves having to transition in their career. Bi-weekly conversations include mutual support dealing with transition issues, and vibrant conversations on product management topics.

Product Coaches

Product Coaches is our newest peer network, bringing together product management coaches and consultants who are focused on helping companies improve their product management outcomes. Conversations include mutual support and sharing methodologies and approaches.