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Product Growth Leaders | Peer Networks

Insight and Support from True Peers

A trusted support system of true peers, Peer Networks provides product leaders a forum to gain insight, advice, and support from other leaders.
Network Groups consists of 10 to15 product leaders who participate in monthly curated and facilitated conversations led by Product Growth Leaders co-founder, Grant Hunter. 
Each Network Group has a private community to continue the conversation between meetings, and access to the Product Growth Leaders Learning Community.

Our Difference | Focused True Peer Engagement

From meet-ups to alumni communities to conferences, there are myriad options for product professionals to meet and network with their peers. Most of these forums are filled with ambitious product professionals looking to network for their career advancement, not product leaders. 
Our Network Groups consist of true peers who participate in monthly curated and facilitated conversations and ongoing engagement in the community.
The monthly conversations are scheduled for three (3) hours broken into three modules: 
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Hour 1: Monthly Topic
Curated and facilitated conversations on topics chosen by the Network Group.
Hour 2: Share Sessions
Best Practices, Lessons Learned, and New Ideas shared by and with your peers.
Hour 3: JIT Support
Breakout sessions where members share and support each other on current issues.

Engage, Learn, Share, and Grow with a Network of Peers.

Our Peer Networks 
True Peer Networks for Emerging and Existing Product Leaders. $400/month or $4,000/year.

Emerging Leaders

Every month on the 3rd Wednesday

2:00 pm ET


5:00 pm ET

Emerging product leaders have started the journey from individual contributors. Whether you are now managing other product resources or aggregating requirements across multiple product resources as a platform, portfolio, or strategy manager, you aspire for more. Typical members have less than 3 to 5 years of experience in this first step of product leadership.

Build your network, strengthen your knowledge, and grow your career.

Product Leaders

Every month on the 2nd Wednesday

2:00 pm ET


5:00 pm ET

Product Leaders are at least 3 to 5 years removed from being individual contributors and are taking on more responsibility as leaders. Typical members have product teams in the 5 to 15 range and your remit is focused on developing your team and improving product management processes and capabilities.

Gain an outside perspective, grow your network, and develop your team.

Product Growth Leaders Learning Community

Every Networks membership comes with a access to the Product Growth Leaders Learning Community which includes:

Fundamentals of Managing Products | On-Demand

The foundational element of the Learning Community is the On-Demand version of Fundamentals of Managing Products. Take (and re-take) the lesson modules at your own pace and share your insights and interact with other product professionals who are doing the same.

Specialized Learning Modules 

The ever-growing Specialized Learning Modules provide a deeper level of insight into specific product management topics. These are 200-level lessons that you can pair with coaching and workshops to help you and your team apply the concepts to your products and business. 

The How-to Collection

Taking a class provides a great foundation, but it does not provide real-time help to product professionals. The How-to Collection provides your team with on-demand access to "How-to" videos on common and not-so-common product management tasks.

Also included in the Learning Community is weekly office hours with Product Growth Leaders.