Drucker on Product | True Product Management Starts with the Customer

"When managers speak of marketing, they usually mean the organized performance of all selling functions. This is still selling. It still starts out with 'our products.' It still looks for 'our market.'"— Peter Drucker, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices

The paragraph continues

"True marketing starts out . . .with the customer, [their] demographics, [their] realities, [their] needs, [their] values. It does not ask, 'What do we want to sell?' It asks, 'What does the customer want to buy?' It does not say, 'This is what our product or service does.' It says, 'These are the satisfactions the customer looks for, values, and needs.'"— Peter Drucker

Wow! what a powerful paragraph (again).

The amazing thing is I have about 75% of this section (From Selling to Marketing in Chapter 6 - What is a Business?) highlighted.

Think about that, 75% of a section is remarkable and valuable enough to share.

This gets back to yesterday's post about marketing being rhetoric.