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Product Growth Leaders offers new Advisory Services with Danie Maravelas

As the end of each year approaches, product leaders often assess their achievements and set their sights on the goals they aim to accomplish in the coming year. In this effort, it’s important to start with why your business exists—that is, why you choose the products to build and markets to serve. Do a retrospective—just like you’re supposed to do after any major project—and use these insights to guide future plans. 


As Product Growth Leaders, our “why” is helping product leaders and their teams achieve product success on purpose. Too many product teams report confusion and dysfunction in how product roles are defined and deployed in their organizations. They tell us their product teams need a common language and standard processes.  


We have helped companies successfully overcome these challenges. These customers embrace our expectations of product management as a business role rather than the tactical, technical role so often expected of product managers. 


That’s our vision: help teams define their roles, standardize their processes, and align on strategy. To achieve product success on purpose.  


To that end, we have created learning programs to define the right product strategy, improve planning, and accelerate growth for your products. In our programs, participants discuss the current situation, extend their learning with a tool or method, apply new concepts to their products and markets, and ensure adoption with a homework review with peers. 


In addition to our applied learning programs, we have expanded our catalog of advisory services, such as the Product Launch IntensiveNew Product Strategy Intensive, and the Introducing Product Management offering. 


To help guide our efforts in advisory services, we are pleased to announce that Danie Maravelas has joined Product Growth Leaders as a Principal. In this role, Danie will partner with us to help product teams achieve our vision of guiding product teams to successful outcomes systematically. 


Danie boasts a robust background in product leadership, underscored by an unwavering dedication to understanding and prioritizing customer needs, ultimately resulting in the successful delivery of value-driven products. Her diverse experience spans various business models, including B2C, B2B2C, and B2B, with a particular emphasis on digital products across different platforms. As an advisor and consultant, Danie has played a pivotal role in guiding companies through implementing standard product management practices, facilitating product launches, and establishing repeatable processes for sustained product success. 


We look forward to working with Danie to help clients achieve product success on purpose. You can learn more about Danie on our website or LinkedIn

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