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Principles of Product Lifecycle Management

Help your team become the general managers of their products with this 8 module applied professional development program.

Principles of Product Lifecycle Management combines training developed by Product Growth Leader's founders Steve Johnson and Grant Hunter, with applied coaching sessions that help your team apply the lessons to their products, markets, and organization.

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Turn Your Team into Business Leaders

One of the most frequent requests we get is to help product teams become the general managers of their products.

Research shows a huge gap of 59% between how product leaders view the importance of business and strategy skills and their team's competency.

Principles of Product LIfecycle Management was developed to close that gap.

The Principles Training Program
The Principles of Product Lifecycle Management developed the business and strategy skills of product managers to help them maximize the value created for your company and the market across each stage of their product's lifecycle.

Turn your team into product lifecycle managers.

Instruction is available live or on-demand. All coaching sessions are live and facilitated by a coach.

Learn more about the course:
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Module/Week 1: Principles of Product Lifecycle Management

In this module we'll introduce you to key concepts of product lifecycle management, the importance of strategic alignment, and a process for managing your products across their lifecycle.

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Module/Week 2: Analyze Your Market and Competition

In this module we'll learn to analyze and understand the external factors impacting your product, specifically the market and competition. Together we'll review six key aspects to think about and introduce you to the Market Canvas, a tool to help you summarize these external factors.

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Module/Week 3: Assess Your Product Performance

In this module we'll learn to assess the performance of your product to help you better understand the current situation. Together we'll review many methods for assessing product performance and introduce you to the importance of creating and managing a Product Status Dashboard.

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Module/Week 4: Evaluate Your Product Lifecycle Strategy Options

In this module we'll learn key approaches to identify andevaluating your product lifecycle strategy options, and focus your product strategy. Together discuss a process and tools to help you focus your Product Lifecycle Strategy on the initiatives with the best chance of success.

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Module/Week 5: Engage to Understand and Validate

In this module we'll learn the importance of engaging with the market to better understand and validate your strategy. Together we'll review why and how to engage the market to validate your strategy and provide data to help make the business case for your strategy.

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Module/Week 6: Make the Business Case

In this module we'll learn three key aspects of the business case, strategic positioning, strategic pricing, and the financial business case. Together, building on these key aspects we will work on developing Objectives and Key Results for the strategy, and building and communicating the business plan.

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Module/Week 7: Manage Your Roadmap

In this module we'll learn how to manage and update your internal and public roadmaps to properly manage expectations. Together, we will review formats for internal and public roadmaps, and learn how to create and share your roadmap.

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Module/Week 8: Wrap-up

Congratulations! You have completed the Principles of Product Lifecycle Management course. Now how are you going to change your process for managing products across their lifecycle. Keep focused on the problems you are solving, be willing to innovate, and become a problem lifecycle manager.

Certification | Quartz Open Framework Certification

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The Quartz Open Framework is an open-source product management framework that Product Growth Leaders proudly supports. The Product Professional Certification exam from the Quartz Open Framework is included with Principles.

You can learn more about the certification here.