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Define Your Product Strategy

Help your team become the general managers of their products.


Principles of Product Strategy combines training developed by Product Growth Leader's founders Steve Johnson and Grant Hunter with coaching sessions that help your team apply the lessons immediately to their products, markets, and organization.

Turn Your Team into Business Leaders

Research shows a huge gap of 59% between how product leaders view the importance of business and strategy skills and their team's competency. 

Principles of Product Strategy was created to close that gap. 


Principles of Product Strategy guides product managers to become the business managers of their products, with emphasis on strategic planning and product financials.

Learn more in this introduction by course leader, Grant Hunter.


2 eBooks to Connect Product & Strategy



Take the Product Team Assessment

Identify if your team is systemized, or winging it. 

Quartz Open Framework Certification

Quartz Open Framework

Product Growth Leaders is a founding member of The Quartz Open Framework initiative, an open-source product framework. Certification from the Quartz Open Framework is included with this course.

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