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What People Are Saying

What people are saying

The Fundamentals course was easy to work into my day to day job
Ample templates make the concepts easy to apply.

I found the Fundamentals course easy to work into my day to day job. With a couple of classes a week and a small bit of work which I could apply to my current product manager role, I looked forward to the classes and discussions. As an instructor, Steve walked through the material well with lots of personal examples and useful comparisons. The material was well paced throughout the course. There were also ample templates to make the concepts taught in the courses easy to apply and provide a great starting place for any relatively new product manager or even those looking to align with standard practices.

I used the course as an opportunity to test out the templates with some of the real problems I face daily with the product team and got great engagement from both Steve and the other attendees of the course. Working with the other attendees was one of the main highlights as it led to interesting insights into problems that other product managers are dealing with.

Curtis Foster
Product Manager
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