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What People Are Saying

What people are saying

Strategic Role of Product Management
Learned to become a strategist looking to the future.

Whether a new or seasoned product manager, you'll benefit from learning from the original product management guru: Steve Johnson

Folks who know me know that I'm an advocate for product management as a profession.

Some 12+ years ago, I was already a seasoned product manager, with some nice successes (one particularly major one) under my belt when I took Steve's course.

It was the first time ever that I heard someone illustrate the strategic nature of the role. It validated what I had experienced and accomplished... especially how I resisted being turned into an asset to support sales and product support, and instead a strategist looking to the future. It was a bit like therapy! But these priorities were indeed the correct ones.... and I can tell you that the company I worked for benefited about 10000x more as a result of my taking the more strategic and longer-term view... which wasn't necessarily what was asked from me at times.

Scott Burleson
Senior Vice President
The AIM Institute
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