Best Take on Definition of Product

What is a ‘Product’?


Grant Hunter

Our Topic of the Week panel took on the broad question “What is a ‘product’?” in this weeks conversation. This clip is from our rapid fire session with the question “What is your best take on the definition of ‘product'?"

I opened with my take, the whole company is the product. Every experience from the first call through the buyers journey and post sale, everybody who touches them is part of the product. Which Rob Goldberg and Jason Vincelette dittoed.

Tom Caragher gets me to ask the question “is customer success then part of the product?”
Steve Johnson dittoed, but shared a story about Amazon and how the driver said “they” bringing home the key point that every employee might not realize they are part of the product, which is a leadership issue not an employee issue.

Jon Harmer with a great yes-and extends it beyond just the customer’s experience, but also their perceptions of how that company acts, using Lyft and Uber as an example.

As I rewatch this, I think our yes-and was great at expanding my take. The product is the whole company, the whole experience of the customer and the customers perceptions of the company and their actions, and it is leaderships responsibility to ensure everyone in the company understands this and embraces that they are part of the product.

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