Product Definition Concepts

What is a ‘Product’?


Grant Hunter

Our Topic of the Week panel took on the broad question “What is a ‘product’?” in this weeks conversation. This clip is from our conversation on tour first open-ended question from the conversation “Are Market Problems, Needs, and Jobs to be Done interchangeable concepts?”

Out of the gate Steve Johnson, a long time Market Problems proponent, has started to shift towards Jobs to be Done (JTBD), which engages Rob Goldberg around the milkshake JTBD case study where we as a group start to explore if JTBD can be a higher-level and aggregate multiple market problems, where Jon Harmer chimed in on cars working in the same aspect.

I offer that perhaps Market Problems and Needs are more interchangeable, and Jon then explores how each could be used in different ways, as different lenses, but the key is for consistency in how and when they are used.

Jason generally agrees, but brings in a great point on pricing and value proposition that makes me wonder if JTBD actually starts weaving in personas into the market problem or need.

As I rewatch this, moving away from my a-ha on the call, I think Market Problems, Needs, and JTBD can be interchangeable, and multiple can be grouped to address higher level Problems, Needs, Jobs.

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