What is a ‘Product’?

What is a ‘Product’?


Grant Hunter

Our Topic of the Week panel took on the broad question “What is a ‘product’?” In this weeks conversation. This clip is from our conversation on the Monday question which is our topic, “What is a ‘product’?”

We put this question out, as many of us have had the debates with sales, marketing, development and others on this exact question (is a service a product, is a product only tangible,) etc. and we wanted to get our panel’s take on this.

As I re-watch this clip I feel comfortable that my initial answer to the Monday question stands-up, “A product is a solution for a persona's problem, including all components necessary to fully solve that problem (whole product) and the persona's experience throughout the process (experience is part of the product).” Our panel tended to agree it was a very good answer and there was not much to add.
Rob Goldberg took us into the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) with an outcome focus, taking us into the behavioral and psychological aspects of the value proposition, which led into a discussion on segments and personas and my pizza is a product rant.

All-in, I think my answer from the Monday question help up. A product solves a problem (and provides an outcome) for a persona (psychographics and motivations, etc.) and the whole product includes all of the components to solve the problem (or provide the outcome), and the persona’s experience through the process.

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