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Together at the Top

Build Capabilities,
While Getting Stuff Done

Product Growth Leaders Difference is based on a focus on application, using proven frameworks, adapted to you.

Typical lecture-style training focuses on information transfer but fails to apply the concepts to your products.  Typical consulting firms get stuff done but don't build repeatable capabilities in your organization...It is time for a different approach.


Get Applied with L-E-A-P

All Product Growth Leaders programs are built using our L-E-A-P methodology to ensure you build capabilities in your team while getting stuff done.  With L-E-A-P, your team learns relevant topics, extends with a read-to-use tool or model, applies them to their product or market, and performs a peer review to ensure the concept is ready to move into operation.

Leveraging Proven Frameworks

Research has shown that simply just having a process is, in itself, a best practice.


Through our decades of work as product leaders, instructors, and advisors, we have created and evolved frameworks to serve as a foundation for developing your playbooks. We offer ready-to-adapt playbooks for strategy, planning, and growth.


We leverage the Quartz Open Framework, a model for guiding your product from idea to market. Quartz is a flexible, non-proprietary tool for defining your product management deliverables and checkpoints.

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Adapt to Your Organization

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

Common practices are not always your best practices. Yet many methods and frameworks claim, “Just do it exactly this way and you will succeed.” But have you?


Here’s the thing: You are unique. There is no other organization like yours. No one else has your products and people, markets and methods.


Say "no" to one-size-fits-all best practices; say "yes" to designing your own best practices.

Our coaches can help.


We advocate standard processes and clear role definitions. We recommend multiple methods—some common techniques and also methods unique to us with ready-to-use playbooks. 


We help you adapt our proven frameworks for your organization. Whether the changes are minor or major, they are focused on creating a playbook that will work best for your team and organization.

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