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Flipping the Classroom for Product Management Training

Lecture-based training fails to deliver to develop the skills and capabilities of employees. Only 12% of employees apply what they learn in training to their job. 

Product Growth Leaders flips the traditional model on its head to focus on learning transfer and application of concepts.

Why Traditional Training Fails

Here's the sad truth. 

75% of what is learned is forgotten if not implemented within 6 days. 

Lecture-based training doesn't account for implementation. 

That's why we've flipped this method on its head. 

Shift from lecture to learning by applying professional development

Focus on skills transfer and application. Not just the lecture. 

Use L-E-A-P Learning to Improve Results

Up-skill product teams with a multi-part program that combines industry best practices with applied coaching sessions. Apply the techniques immediately to your products, market, and organization.



Lesson and discussions

Instructor-led and on-demand lessons and discussions



Extend with a new concept or tool

Immediately extend the learning with tools and activities to ensure concept retention



Apply to your product or market

Assignments designed for you to apply to your product, market, or organization



Peer review and next steps

Coach-led peer review sessions to review assignment and talk next steps


What people are saying



Only 21% of organizations think their team has good command of product management skills

Break the mold.


Learn how you can address the skill gaps that exist in your product management organization. 

We particularly liked the tools and application or coaching sessions where we could explore whether our current approaches (e.g., to prioritization) were working and then continued the conversations after the training.

Amy Burrows-McCabe

Senior Director of Product Management

Learning A-Z

I had taken product management training as a student many times, and one trainer far outperformed the others: Steve Johnson. I reached out to Steve who, together with Grant Hunter, offers hands-on, simple and applied training at Product Growth Leaders.

Otmar Zewald

Head of Product Strategy and Go-to-Market


Develop a new approach for product planning

The Quartz Open Framework™ is an open product innovation methodology. It provides a common language for business across teams, remains fluid and flexible, eases bottlenecks and improves innovation velocity, and enables you to build in cross-team process and methodology integrations.
Quartz was created by leveraging the experience of dozens of product professionals and industry thought-leaders. The framework focuses on enabling teams to achieve business results through practical tools and a common language.


Overview of the Quartz Open Framework

Enjoy this quick session to learn how the Quart Open Framework can help you go from idea to product to market to success.

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