Approach | Flipping the Classroom for Product Management Training

Lecture-based training fails to deliver to develop the skills and capabilities of employees. Only 12% of employees apply what they learn in training to their job. 

Product Growth Leaders flips the traditional model on its head to focus on learning transfer and application of concepts.

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Our Difference | Applied Professional Development

Up-skill your team with Product Growth Leaders courses and workshops, all designed around the L-E-A-P Learning to focus on skills transfer and application.

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L - Instructor-led and on-demand lessons and discussions.

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E - Extend the learning with tools and concepts.


A - Apply to your product, market, or organization in an assignment.

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P - Coach-led peer review session to review assignment and talk next steps.

Shift from lecture to application.

Listen to our co-founder and product management training pioneer Steve Johnson talk about why flipping the classroom is important

Programs available for Applied Professional Development

Fundamentals of Managing Products

Standardize your processes and artifacts to create your own product playbook.


Principles of Product Lifecycle Management

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Establish product as a business and strategy leader through product lifecycle management.

Topic-specific Workshops

Develop a program or workshop to address your current needs.