Approach | Flipping the Classroom for Product Management Training

Lecture-based training fails to deliver to develop the skills and capabilities of employees. Only 12% of employees apply what they learn in training to their job. 

Product Growth Leaders flips the traditional model on its head to focus on learning transfer and application of concepts.

Why Traditional Training Fails

Product management pioneer Steve Johnson explains why traditional product management training fails and how flipping the classroom can improve results.

Our Difference | Applied Professional Development

Shift from lecture to learning
Product Growth Leaders flips the traditional model on its head using
L-E-A-P learning to focus on skills transfer and application.
Up-skill product teams with a multi-part program that combines industry best practices with applied coaching sessions. Apply the techniques immediately to your products, market, and organization.

Lesson and discussions

Instructor-led and on-demand lessons and discussions


Extend with a new concept or tool

Immediately extend the learning with tools and activities to ensure concept retention


Apply to your product or market

Assignments designed for you to apply to your product, market, or organization


Peer review and next steps

Coach-led peer review sessions to review assignment and talk next steps

Leverage the Quartz Open Framework 

Develop a new approach for product planning
The Quartz Open Framework™ is an open product innovation methodology. It provides a common language for business across teams, remains fluid and flexible, eases bottlenecks and improves innovation velocity, and enables you to build in cross-team process and methodology integrations.
Quartz was created by leveraging the experience of dozens of product professionals and industry thought-leaders. The framework focuses on enabling teams to achieve business results through practical tools and a common language.
Quartz Open Framework