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Learn How to Manage Your Products with Quartz

Guide your team from idea to product to market to success

In Turn Ideas into Products, author Steve Johnson, co-founder at Product Growth Leaders and architect of the Quartz Open Framework, introduces a nimble idea-to-market process with strong emphasis on personal experience with customers.

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Product Conversations with Grant Hunter

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AirBNB and the future of Product Management

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Advice to a CEO without a Product Management Function

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Advice to a CEO on Product Management

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Appearances on Product Podcasts


Product Management Entrepreneurial Mindset

Grant joins Bill Cushard to talk about product management as an entrepreneurial role.

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Steve Johnson Shares His Wisdom Copy

Steve joins Secrets of Product Management Podcast (formerly the All The Responsibility Podcast)

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Moving From Project Thinking to Product Thinking

Steve joins host Paul Heller to discuss how the lack of standardization, best practices, and conversations about product management makes the field chaotic.

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