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October 2021

Optimising product planning with the Quartz Open Framework

Steve joins host Jason Knight to talk about his 25 years as a product management training and coach, and the Quartz Open Framework.

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August 2021

What most product managers get wrong about product management

Grant joins Chad to discuss fundamental product management issues, like what is a product and why product management.

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September 2020

Off the cuff on product management

Steve joins Chad on his 300th episode for an off-the-cuff conversation on product management.


February 2020

Why Value-Driven Product Plans Work

Steve joins host Mark Stiving and the Impact Pricing podcast to talk about value-driven product plans.

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January 2020

The Under10 Playing Canvas

Steve shares the Under10 Playing Canvas with The Everyday Innovator podcast.


April 2019

On Distinctive Competence

Steve joins Rebecca Kalogeris on the Pragmatic Live podcast to discuss Distinctive Competence.


January 2018

Business Plans are About Vision

Steve joins Rebecca Kalogeris on the Pragmatic Live podcast to discuss Business Plans and Vision.

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August 2018

Simplifying Product Roles

Steve joins the Product Love with Eric Boduch to talk about simplifying product roles.


June 2018

Product Manager or Problem Manager?

Steve joins Rebecca Kalogeris on the Pragmatic Live podcast to discuss the importance of focusing on problems.

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January 2018

A Look at Roles & Responsibilities

Steve talks about product roles and responsibilities with The Everyday Innovator podcast.


May 2017

On Product Leadership

Steve joins the Agile Product Owner's podcast with Cory Bryan on the topic of Product Leadership.

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March 2017

Six Areas of Expertise

Steve talks about six areas of product expertise with The Everyday Innovator podcast.

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Smarter Decisions with the Three Horizons

Steve talks with Hector Del Castillo on making smarter decisions with the three horizons of growth.

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January 2016

Types of Product Exertise

Steve joins Ready Product Radio to talk with Alan Neil about the types of product expertise.

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Introduction to Product Management

Grant joins the PE Funcast to provide a gentle introduction to product management.

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More Product Management Fun

Grant joins the PE Funcast to talk about the role of product management in middle-market companies.

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Agile Product Management

Steve joins the Yours Productly podcast to talk agile product management with Ravi Kumar.