Product Management Fundamentals

Product Management Fundamentals is the core foundation of learning content for all Product Growth Leaders offerings. Building from the comprehensive nine-module Fundamentals of Managing Products, this foundation also includes specialized modules on business and strategy, leadership, and soft skills, the How-to Collection of short just-in-time "How To" videos, and access to the Product Growth Leaders Learning Community for weekly office hours, asynchronous support, and engaging with peers around the content.

Fundamentals of Managing Products

Fundamentals of Managing Products provides a strong foundation for the business product management, helps you focus your efforts, and build the right products.

Fundamentals comes packaged with active coaching and review sessions after each module to help improve the retention of the learning through immediate real-world application. The recommended approach is a 10-week module per week plus capstone session, but this can also be executed as a 3-day workshop.


Available for live in-person, live virtual, and on-demand.

Product Professional Certification from the QuartzOpen initiative is included with Product Management Fundamentals

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Fundamentals of Managing Products

and Product Roles

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Interview for Customer Insight

Product Canvas.png

Create a Product Vision Canvas with Scoring

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Prioritize Your Product Stories


Retrospectives and Next Steps


(Re)Define Your Product Planning Process


Identify and Define Markets and Personas


Develop Product Roadmaps


Plan Release and Launch

Product Management Specialized Modules

These specialization modules complement the learning from the Fundamentals of Product Management by going a little deeper on specialized topics across the breadth of product management. Many of these modules are able to be paired with coaching workshops to help you and your team transfer the learning and apply the concepts to your products and business.

Each of these topics are currently available for live (in-person or virtual) sessions and workshops. We are currently in the process of creating on-demand versions of each module.

Agile Methods

Market Analysis






Sales Enablement


Product P&L

Growth Strategy


The How-to Collection

Taking a class provides a great foundation, but it does not provide real-time help to product professionals.

The How-to Collection provides your team with on-demand access to "How-to" videos on common and uncommon product management tasks.

The collection will start with a foundation of How-to videos on concepts and tools covered in Fundamentals of Managing Products. 

Members of Product Growth Leaders Essentials participate in identifying and prioritizing future additions to the collection.