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Product Growth Accelerator

Accelerate the growth of your products with a solid go-to-market strategy fueled by a deep understanding of buyers.

Re-orient product marketing around buyers and how they buy, anticipating the needs of their customer-facing teams, and ensuring that marketing and sales teams are equipped to guide the buyer to successful adoption of the solution.
Product Growth Accelerator combines training developed by product management industry pioneer Steve Johnson with coaching sessions that help your team apply the lessons to their products, markets, and organization.

Agenda Topics


About the Instructor, Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson is an author, speaker, and product coach using modern methods to move products from idea to market. His approach is based on the belief that minimal process and simple templates result in a nimble product team.

Steve has been a long-time advocate for product management, serving as an executive and advisor to many technical product organizations and industry associations.

In 2020, Steve was awarded one of the first ten 51331 coins for contributing to the best practices of product management.



Quartz Open Framework 

product_pro (1).png

Product Growth Leaders is a founding member of The Quartz Open Framework initiative, an open-source product framework. Certification from the Quartz Open Framework is included with this course.

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