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Dutch DeVries

Influence, Communication, Networking

Dutch DeVries is a lifelong geek who began his technology career in the Air Force as a software developer that migrated to Product Management and is now a self-proclaimed "Product Philosopher". As a "big thinker", he can rapidly assess a situation and see the solution through the chaos. He breaks down big problems into digestible portions to be productively managed and resolved, and teaches others to do the same.

Like a Swiss Army knife, Dutch assists people using one of his many "tools" as a coach, instructor, speaker, author, consultant, or embedded product team leader, depending on the needs of the target audience and task at hand. Since being a Product Manager goes beyond the product processes and lifecycle, Dutch also conducts Master Classes for corporate teams on Influence, Communication, Networking, and Personal/Professional Growth.

Outside of the tech profession, Dutch is a highly active Neurodiversity voice and advocate. He conducts webinars on the topic, and provides 1:1 coaching for individuals with ADHD, guiding them on a journey of self-awareness, acceptance, understanding, and connection.

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