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What People Are Saying

What people are saying

Easy to trust the quality of Product Growth Leaders’ training content
We particularly liked the tools and application/coaching sessions.

When I heard that some of my colleagues were looking into doing training with Product Growth Leaders, I looked at their assessment and workshops and realized that it was exactly what we needed, for three reasons.

First, I had taken a course with Steve Johnson before, so he was a known entity that made it easy to trust the quality of Product Growth Leaders’ training content. Second, we wanted our product managers and product marketers to increase our alignment with each other with similar training and shared terminology. While each of our teams had discipline-specific training independent of each other, Product Growth Leaders held some joint sessions between our team on topics where our work overlaps. The shared training allowed some facilitated conservations to happen between our teams for the first time. Third, I wanted training that was useful enough for our experienced people and accessible enough for our newer members– that they could all take together. The training and application or coaching sessions struck the right balance for all levels.

Our team appreciated that the training was customized and responsive to the needs of the team based on an initial assessment of our gap areas. We particularly liked the tools and application or coaching sessions where we could explore whether our current approaches (e.g., to prioritization) were working and then continued the conversations after the training.

The instructors Steve Johnson and Grant Hunter were friendly and accessible, even holding 1:1 meetings with our team members to discuss specific challenges.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Product Growth Leaders training for any product teams who are looking to align their team terminologies and approaches and to refresh their team training for new ideas and approaches in order to increase their impact.

Fundamentals and gap analysis
Amy Burrows-McCabe
Senior Director of Product Management
Learning A-Z
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