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What People Are Saying

What people are saying

The courses from Product Growth Leaders help me be successful strategically
The tools and templates are very objective and easy to use.

As a product leader experienced with a variety of product team and company sizes I know first hand how difficult it can be to drive stakeholder alignment. It is an art and science. Getting the data is the easier part (the science), the bigger struggle more often is with the art of driving consensus and getting the business to align and collaborate. That’s the stepping stone for me to help build the organization’s confidence in me and my product team.

That’s what prompted me to dig into my PM tool box and then I found Product Growth Leaders.

I’ve taken several Product courses throughout my career, but when I first looked at the ‘Fundamentals of Managing Products’ course it immediately hit home! It is constructed in a very business focused way, which means I can bring along my business partner and what better way to help stakeholders understand our world and how we function - and how we should partner.

There’s a plethora of PM courses and tools out there, but what stood out to me was how this course focuses on PMs to be successful strategically. The tools and templates are very objective and easy to use, and that in turn drives following a disciplined approach and maturing the PM process of your org. My favorite is the ASPIRE + SCORE tool for prioritizing new business opportunities.

Seasoned PMs know how identifying and prioritizing the next right initiative or roadmapping can become a political conflict, and using the Quartz Open framework and the tools helped me drive collaboration and alignment with my stakeholders, while helping them build the confidence in my Product team.

Thank you Steve and Grant!

Strategy, Fundamentals
Deepro Basu
Director of Product Management
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