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Fundamentals of Managing Products

Master the methods and mechanics of product management

Chaos in product management

Only 21% of organizations have clearly defined product management.

Sound familiar?

Our product managers seem overwhelmed and lack the necessary skills to handle their responsibilities. We can’t keep up with never-ending customer requests. We're struggling to prioritize features and projects effectively. Our product management is inconsistent and lacks a structured approach.

Our last product release did not achieve our expected goals.

We're not effectively addressing emerging market trends or customer needs.

Our competitors seem to be introducing more relevant and timely products.

Our customers don’t think we’re listening to their problems and needs.

Master the methods and mechanics of product management
Fundamentals of Managing Products

Fundamentals of Managing Products provides your product team with a strong foundation for the business and planning aspects of product management based on the Quartz Open Framework.

  • Optimize your process and product roles

  • Define your product and vision

  • Describe your personas

  • Create and prioritize problem-oriented stories

  • Roadmap your plans

  • Deliver powerful releases and launches

  • Prepare your customer-facing teams

  • Monitor product success

For product teams, including product managers, product owners, and product marketing managers


Introduction for Fundamentals

Learn the scope of the Fundamentals of Managing Products learning program with this introductory video.

Most product teams are missing the basics:

  • Common language

  • Common set of tools and templates

  • Simple process

In this video, learn how to address this gap by defining your product management playbook—from idea to market.

Fundamentals of Managing Products


Applied Learning

Applied Learning

L-E-A-P: LEARN and discuss the current situation, EXTEND with a tool or method, APPLY to your product or market, and ensure adoption with a PEER REVIEW.

Quartz Certification

Quartz Certification

Product Professional certification from the Quartz Open Framework initiative

Quartz Open Framework

Quartz Open Framework

A planning process centered around continuous learning to guide from idea to market.



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Steve Johnson
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Rick Morse
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Grant Hunter
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Danie Maravelas
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David Daniels

Free Resources

The ROI of Product Management Training

Learn how to articulate and quantify the return on investment of product management training.

Expertise in Product Management

Learn about the four types of expertise you need.

Agenda Topics

Getting Started: Problems, Process, and People

Begin with an overview of the fundamentals of managing products with a simple framework for defining team responsibilities for product strategy, planning, growth, and more, and use your pre-work to identify which activities are yours and which belong to others.

Business Planning and Prioritization

Is it time for a one-page business plan? In this lesson, we'll define your product on a single page with a Product Canvas and a prioritization method called IDEA.

Roadmaps and Roadmapping

One of the biggest challenges of planning is aligning deliverables to make the biggest impact in the market. Too many teams attempt to release capabilities based on development convenience rather than market need. In this module, we’ll look at roadmapping capabilities using simple techniques that ensure corporate support.

Understanding Segments and Personas

Create personas and use their stories to drive your product delivery and campaigns. Understand who uses your product, understand their workflows, and understand the challenges they face.

Market and Problem Discovery

Learn to identify problems and outcomes that drive innovation. Together we'll examine the techniques for performing customer discovery, particularly interviews and observation, to ensure your product meets the needs of your market.

Problems, Requirements, and Stories

Use the problem story format to empower your product team will insights about personas and their problems. Determine the right level of precision for stories in your organization.

Release and Launch Planning

Just because the development is finished doesn't mean the product is ready to launch. In this module, we'll discuss how to align the rhythms of your internal teams with the events in your industry to create impactful product releases and define responsibilities and tasks for effective product release and launch.

Metrics and Retrospectives

How do you measure success for your product? We'll learn metrics that track the product you have now and guide the product you'll have next. We also explore retrospectives on market and business results. This module encourages teams to examine the health of the product and define achievable goals to measure success.

The Steps to Change

How will you change your process and focus? Make time for product management. Focus on doing the right things right, and remove the chaos from your product management process.

What's next?

Take the free Product Health Check which will give you suggestions for the next steps.

Want to learn more? Set up a video call with one of our coaches to see how our guidance can help you.

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