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Product Launch Intensive

Never struggle with another launch again.

We simply cannot afford another product launch failure.

Sound familiar?

Our last launch was a failure. Well, really, it was a disaster. Leadership is unhappy. Sales teams are unhappy. Customers are unhappy. We simply cannot afford another failure; we have too much riding on the success of this product. And all eyes are on me.

Never struggle with another launch again.
Product Launch Intensive

Experience a successful product launch with a focused advisory program combining decades of launch expertise with team coaching and ready-to-use playbooks. Designed for a single launch team, we’ll guide you to successful execution up to and after the launch.

For launch teams including product marketing managers, product managers, project managers

Product Launch Intensive

What You Get


Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
David Daniels
David Daniels


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Areas of Focus

Organize an effective launch team and launch collaboration platform

Clarify roles, responsibilities, and governance of the launch team. Establish a common launch team collaboration platform. Establish launch tiers to prioritize resources.

Define the parameters of a successful product launch

Define clear and concise launch objectives that define launch success criteria. Define key progress indicators that show progress toward a successful launch.

Develop a targeted go-to-market strategy

Evaluate the market environment and identify the buyer personas and market segments with the best path to achieving the launch objectives. Choose a launch play that optimizes results.

Identify and neutralize competitive threats

Evaluate likely competitors and the strengths and weakness relative to buying criteria.

Craft a message that compels buyers to act

Develop positioning, unique value proposition, and message that engages prospective customers.

Prepare your organization for Day 1 Launch Readiness

Ensure all your functional areas and partners have the capabilities needed to support the launch. Identify launch readiness gaps for Day 1 Launch Readiness and plans to close those gaps.

Monitor launch performance to accelerate launch objectives

Monitor key progress indicators to get situational awareness of launch performance. Use the information to make adjustments to amplify what’s working and adjust what isn’t.

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