Achieve Launch Success with Tiers

Let the impact on internal teams, prospects, and customers determine the launch activities necessary for launch success.

Product managers are proud of their products and product teams. Of course they are! They want customers to know about all the cool new stuff in each release. And so, many product managers request a big marketing push for every new release, regardless of whether it’s warranted.

When is a launch necessary?

When there’s something important to announce.

What is a launch?

Release is the end of a development project; launch is the beginning of a marketing project. And not all releases warrant a formal launch. Some new product releases can simply be released without fanfare.

Need to know

To justify a promotional launch, someone needs to know about something in the release. Who has the need to know?

  • Customer-facing Teams (sales, services, support, success teams)

  • External Partners (third-party developers, distribution channels)

  • Buyers (aka Prospects)

  • Users (aka Customers)

For example, consider version 16.60 of Microsoft Excel. It improves search with an updated Find tool. Who cares? This capability is of interest to some customers and possibly customer support. This feature will not impact new buyers, salespeople, or third-party developers. Microsoft included information about the updated Find tool in the release notes. They didn’t bother with a media release; they probably didn’t even send an email about the new capability to any internal teams.