How Peer Networks can be a Crucial Part of Professional Development

Peer networks can play a significant role in up-skilling product managers by providing insights and advice from experienced product professionals, rather than the superficial “training” sessions found at meetups and product camps.

This article is the second in our three-part series based on our research and white paper on professional development in product management (download here):

  • Improving the Results of Product Management Training. Flipping the classroom to improve the results of product management training (read it here);

  • Provide Access to Insights and Advice. Another component of professional development that our product leader research identified as valuable is access to new ideas and advice (this article); and

  • The Case for the Strategic Investment in Product Management. Shifting investment in product management professional development from ad hoc to defined programs. (next article).

Our findings reveal a gap between sources of insights and advice and their value, the core value of peer networks, and the opportunity for peer networks to help improve product management professional development results.

Value Gaps in Access to Insights and Advice