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Implement the Pragmatic Framework using Quartz Open

The Pragmatic Framework™ does a good job of defining the scope of common activities related to products but it's a framework, not a process.

The framework is oriented by column: activities about the market in the first column, then a column for focus and business and planning and so on. However, the columns are a common area of confusion for many. There’s an implication that you start at the left and work to the right, when in fact these activities are not sequenced. These are categories of activities, not stages or phases.

That's where the Quartz Open Framework™ comes in.

The Quartz Open Framework is an open-source framework specifically designed for defining the scope of product management. It was created by leveraging the experience of dozens of product professionals and industry thought leaders. The framework focuses on enabling teams to achieve business results through practical tools and a common language.

The Quartz Open Framework is a framework of methods

You’ve likely invested in a number of techniques, each focused on one aspect of product: development methods, marketing and sales methods. Quartz ties those investments into a logical process flow from idea to market.

Methods such as design thinking and agile development fit under DESCRIBE and CREATE. Sales methods and marketing methods fit in DELIVER and CONNECT.

Mapping Pragmatic to Quartz Open Framework

Here’s how the 37 boxes from the Pragmatic Framework map to the phases of Quartz Open Framework.

This gives you an even better procedural approach to applying the Pragmatic framework in your organization, starting from DISCOVER and going clockwise to CONNECT. And note this: you don’t always start with DISCOVER. Sometimes you begin at DELIVER with launch planning. Or at DESCRIBE with release planning. That’s why the Quartz Open Framework is a wheel. You go ‘round and ‘round from product concept to retirement.

The Pragmatic framework shows the scope of work; the Quartz Open Framework helps sequence the work into logical phases. Add items unique to your organization and create your own product playbook.

Ultimately, our goal in product management is to systematically turn good ideas into successful products.

Go to Implementing Pragmatic to find out more ways to maximize your Pragmatic training investment.


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