Why Product Management

Too many people look at product management through a development or Agile lens. Agile methods have redirected product managers to focus primarily on the technical aspects of a product: Stories, requirements, backlogs, roadmaps, release plans.

What’s missing? The business aspects.

As it was envisioned in 1941 by Proctor & Gamble, product management requires a business and strategic lens. Not “What is it?” but “Why is it?” What problem are you solving? For whom? And how will customers and the business benefit?

Our customers tell us they have perfected the agile development process. They know how to build products right. And now they’ve realized they’re not building the right products. They are not giving their highly effective, agile development teams work that is valuable to the business and to its customers.

In this four-part series, we’ll explore the importance of product management for enterprises:

  • What is a “Product”? (read it here);

  • Why Product Management (this article);