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Playbook Intensive

Improve outcomes with a standard playbook adapted for your organization.

Process is Chaos

Create consistent and repeatable playbooks to meet your product objectives.

Sound familiar?

51% of product leaders said their product management process is not well-defined. 47% identified process as their biggest product management challenge. These process and playbook issues are the causes of the chaos and dysfunction that is plaguing many product management teams.

There's confusion about who is responsible for what in our product process.

Feedback from customers and stakeholders isn't being systematically collected and acted upon.

There's a lack of transparency and visibility into the product management process.

Every team seems to have a different way of doing things. There’s no consistency from product to product. The leadership is confused by what they’re given. The product teams seem unprofessional.

Improve outcomes with a standard playbook adapted for your organization.
Playbook Intensive

Create consistent and repeatable processes to meet your product objectives. We will guide you to examine roles, responsibilities, and key deliverables in each step of product planning—from discovery and ideation to business planning, release planning, and launch planning.

For head of product, product ops teams, product managers, product marketing managers

Playbook Intensive

What You Get


Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
Grant Hunter
Grant Hunter
Danie Maravelas
Danie Maravelas


Create Your Own Best Practices

There really are no best practices. Instead, there are common practices.

Many frameworks claim, “Just follow this method, and you will succeed.” But one practice doesn’t fit all organizations.

You are unique. No other organization is like yours. No one else has your products and people, markets and methods.

What’s needed is to adapt practices and concepts to the unique requirements of your organization. Let us help you create your own best practices. 

Free Resources

Professional Development Plan

Download the professional development plan (.xlsx).

A professional development plan (or personal growth plan) is a roadmap for organizational advancement. The product manager's growth plan typically includes specific goals, learning objectives, and activities tailored to the individual's professional development needs and career aspirations. 

Ask each member of your team: “Where do you want to be in three years? How can I help you get there?”
Product Team Health Check

Take the Product Team Health Check to profile the current state of your product team.

Spend 5-10 minutes answering 20 questions to help identify areas of strength or chaos in your product team.

We promise a salesperson will not pounce on you when you take the assessment. Your responses are confidential and we will email your results.

Not ready to chat?
Assess and Optimize Your Product Team
Assess and Optimize Your Product Team

Do you have the right team and processes in place to sell more of what you’ve built, build what you’ve planned, and plan the right products?

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