Product Job Descriptions

Common job titles and responsibilities for successful product management and marketing teams

The most successful teams are comprised of three roles: a strategic product manager, one or more technical product owners, and a market-facing product marketing manager. Many teams also have a UX designer so all the necessary skills reside in one group with aligned perspectives.

This organizational approach has the added benefit of being able to expand easily. That is, this type of product management team includes the necessary expertise to handle a few products (or a single portfolio) without relying on other teams to fill a skills void. As the company expands, you can add similar teams to meet the expanded requirements of additional products.

When organizing product management, look for ways to ensure shared goals. Typically, the product manager is focused on strategy while the product owner is focused on technology. It can be difficult to succeed if the product manager, product owner, and product marketing manager are in different departments with differing departmental goals.

Here are some draft job descriptions for each of the key roles.

  • Product Strategy Manager

  • Product Planning Manager

  • Product Growth Manager

Each requires some modification to fit the needs your organization.



PRODUCT STRATEGY MANAGERS are first and foremost business leaders. They propose new products based on a deep understanding of the market, research and analyze the business and competitive aspects of new offerings, and empower other teams to build a suite of products and services that solve real customer problems.


As a PRODUCT STRATEGY MANAGER, you will lead a team that is charged with a product contribution to a Line of Business. You will guide products from the idea stage to full production, and help to develop new ideas based on your industry experience and your contact with customers. Your primary focus will be delivering products that are valued by our customers.

You must have expertise in business with a big-picture vision and the drive to make that vision a reality. You must enjoy spending time with customers to understand their problems and enjoy working with technical teams to develop innovative solutions. You’ll need to be able to speak truth to power, supporting your decisions with data.