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Highly recommend Product Growth Leader’s Fundamentals of Managing Products
Product management playbook increased the value our products are delivering
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As a product leader at a rapidly growing team, I wanted to empower the senior members of my team to fully understand and successfully implement best practices for managing their products. I saw education as a key focus, to increase both the confidence and capabilities of the team, but also to dramatically increase the value that their products delivered to our customers and to the business.

Based on the recommendation of a seasoned product leader, we engaged with Product Growth Leaders for their Fundamentals of Managing Products program. The combination of their expertise in product management and their application-focused and coaching-led approach had a significant impact, not only improving the confidence and capabilities of our team, but helping us create a product management playbook that has improved our work product and increased the value our products are delivering.

Throughout the process Steve and Grant have become trusted advisors to me and my team. I would highly recommend Product Growth Leader’s Fundamentals of Managing Products to any product leader looking to boost the confidence and capabilities of their teams while creating a standard product playbook for your organization, and I look forward to engaging them again to continue the maturing of our product management organization.
Nathan Shepard
VP of Product and Quality Assurance
Azalea Health
Looking for Transformation
From customer-specific project-led solutions to standard market-led products
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Soon after I was hired as the Head of Product for a German enterprise applications company which had recently acquired other companies, I realized that our company needed to be transformed from customer-specific project-led solutions to standard market-led products. The focus of my team had previously only been technical product management with little or no focus on either product strategy or sales enablement.

Based on these needs, I explored options for training that would be pragmatic, high quality and could scale up my team fast.

I had taken product management training as a student many times, and one trainer far outperformed the others: Steve Johnson. I reached out to Steve who, together with Grant Hunter, offers hands-on, simple and applied training at Product Growth Leaders.

Steve and Grant have a wealth of experience. They helped my team understand their techniques with practical examples. They also gave us guidance on how to overcome objections from internal company stakeholders who were focused on short-term results rather than long-term financial sustainability.

Since English is a second language for our team members, we appreciated being able to watch self-paced videos followed by weekly coach-led peer review sessions.

As a result of the training from Product Growth Leaders, my team is more effective and has higher quality standards for our work in managing our company’s products.

We plan to stay connected to Product Growth Leaders and will reach out to them in the future for deep dives on specific topics. We enthusiastically recommend Product Growth Leaders’ training to other companies who also want to transform their companies to be more strategic, market-focused, and financially successful over the long-term.
Otmar Zewald
Head of Product Strategy and Go-to-Market
Strategic Role of Product Management
Learned to become a strategist looking to the future
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Whether a new or seasoned product manager, you'll benefit from learning from the original product management guru: Steve Johnson

Folks who know me know that I'm an advocate for product management as a profession.

Some 12+ years ago, I was already a seasoned product manager, with some nice successes (one particularly major one) under my belt when I took Steve's course.

It was the first time ever that I heard someone illustrate the strategic nature of the role. It validated what I had experienced and accomplished... especially how I resisted being turned into an asset to support sales and product support, and instead a strategist looking to the future. It was a bit like therapy! But these priorities were indeed the correct ones.... and I can tell you that the company I worked for benefited about 10000x more as a result of my taking the more strategic and longer-term view... which wasn't necessarily what was asked from me at times.
Scott Burleson
Senior Vice President
The AIM Institute
The courses from Product Growth Leaders help me be successful strategically
The tools and templates are very objective and easy to use
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As a product leader experienced with a variety of product team and company sizes I know first hand how difficult it can be to drive stakeholder alignment. It is an art and science. Getting the data is the easier part (the science), the bigger struggle more often is with the art of driving consensus and getting the business to align and collaborate. That’s the stepping stone for me to help build the organization’s confidence in me and my product team.

That’s what prompted me to dig into my PM tool box and then I found Product Growth Leaders.

I’ve taken several Product courses throughout my career, but when I first looked at the ‘Fundamentals of Managing Products’ course it immediately hit home! It is constructed in a very business focused way, which means I can bring along my business partner and what better way to help stakeholders understand our world and how we function - and how we should partner.

There’s a plethora of PM courses and tools out there, but what stood out to me was how this course focuses on PMs to be successful strategically. The tools and templates are very objective and easy to use, and that in turn drives following a disciplined approach and maturing the PM process of your org. My favorite is the ASPIRE + SCORE tool for prioritizing new business opportunities.

Seasoned PMs know how identifying and prioritizing the next right initiative or roadmapping can become a political conflict, and using the Quartz Open framework and the tools helped me drive collaboration and alignment with my stakeholders, while helping them build the confidence in my Product team.

Thank you Steve and Grant!
Strategy, Fundamentals
Deepro Basu
Director of Product Management