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Product Growth Leaders Partners with Outsell

It is with great excitement that Product Growth Leaders formally announce our partnership with Outsell.

Outsell are trusted advisors to leaders in the Data, Information and Analytics Economy. I have known Outsell for two decades, first as a client and then as a long-time admirer of the value they bring to their clients, which makes this relationship very special to me. They have long been an advocate for the importance of product management, and we are excited to now partner with them to help further the strategic role of product management.

Our partnership will focus on three areas. First, my partner Steve Johnson and I will chair their newest leadership community, the Outsell Product & Technology Council, a peer-to-peer offering for heads of product that focuses on the unique needs of the product function. We will also serve as advisors to Outsell clients through advisory calls and supporting consulting projects focused on product management. Finally, Outsell will be offering our training and assessment services to their clients while we combine our efforts to bring product thought-leadership, benchmarks, and best practices to their research agenda. The combination of research, benchmarks, best practices, training, and advisory for the product management function this partnership creates is unparalleled in the Data, Information and Analytics industry.

You can read Outsell’s announcement about our partnership on CEO and Founder Anthea Stratigos’ blog.

I have long admired the leadership Anthea has provided to the industry, and more so the culture she built at Outsell. We look forward to our successful partnership but also learning from Anthea and the leadership of Outsell how to build a successful business and culture.

If you are a head of product in the Data, Information and Analytics industry, we would be excited to get you engaged in the Outsell Product & Technology Council.

Let us know if you would like more information on the Council and this partnership, and we look forward to the chance to work with you.


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