The Business Role of Product Management

This is the final installment of a four-part series on the importance of product management for organizations.

The four parts are:

  • What is a “Product”? (link here);

  • Why Product Management (link here);

  • Why Every Company Needs Product Management (link here); and

  • The Business Role of Product Management (this article)

In the first three articles we:

  • Defined a product as “a solution for a persona’s problem, including all components necessary to fully solve that problem and the persona’s experience throughout the process.”

  • Made the case for why product management by defining product management as making sure the company is doing the right thing, specifically in terms of adding value to the market, adding value to the organization, and adding value to the team.

  • And, made the point that as every company sells a product, every company (not just technology companies) needs product management.

In this fourth and final article, we are going t